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Welcome to Strange Lights Publishing, your beacon in the boundless and enigmatic realms of the unexplained and the extraordinary. Our publishing house specializes in bringing to light an array of works exploring UFOs, UAPs, alien encounters, and the mysteries of cryptozoology—encompassing elusive creatures like Bigfoot and the creatures of Loch Ness—along with investigations into the paranormal and the afterlife.

Dive into the depths of the unknown with our meticulously curated collection of books, each piece a gateway to new realities and unparalleled understandings of the mysteries of our world and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned investigator of the inexplicable or a curious mind eager to explore the mysteries of the universe, our diverse array of publications offers something for every seeker of the unknown.

As a reader of the Strange Lights Publishing book family, you gain access to a treasury of knowledge, insight, and thrilling exploration, broadening your horizons and challenging your perceptions of reality. Embark on a journey through the uncharted territories of the strange and the profound, and discover the secrets that have perplexed and fascinated humanity throughout the ages. Join us in illuminating the shadows, and uncover the wonders and anomalies of the cosmos with Strange Lights Publishing.


Unravel the labyrinth of the enigmatic and the unexplained with "UFO Nexus." This book, a magnum opus in UFO and extraterrestrial studies, traverses across mysterious lands and through time, examining eerie occurrences and cosmic interventions. 'UFO Nexus' is not just a meticulous examination of events—it is a journey into understanding the broader ramifications and multifaceted connections of alien technology, ancient lore, and contemporary revelations.

Delve into the profound sections on UFOs, UAPs & Extraterrestrials to uncover the tantalizing mysteries of otherworldly entities, possibly walking amongst us. Explore the groundbreaking UFO Oversight Revisited: A Half-Century Landmark, providing illuminating insights into the enigma that has puzzled humanity for decades.


"UFO Highway" is a revelatory work grounded in verifiable facts, elucidating the three-decade-old enigma of the covert confrontation between the Greys and elite U.S. military forces at Dulce, New Mexico, in 1979, unveiling it through the unprecedented release of "The Dulce Interview."

Executed in January 2010, this revelatory information is corroborated by the statements of a now-retired U.S. Air Force Colonel, a figure substantiable through documents secured from the National Personnel Records Center. This once profoundly hesitant informant has, at last, decided to disclose his direct engagement with DSD-3, the clandestine Intelligence Agency that supervises the Dulce Facility.


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